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10.3.2009 "Lecture" in kindergarden

Showing a "mountain home"
"Space boot"
"Is that your climbing stick?"
I was asked to talk about mountain climbing to the children of kindergarden Kotitonttu and of course I said yes. In my arrival there were number of exited children waiting already. I told to them about climbing and the equipment used.

Children had prepared for my arrival with questions that were written down by the personnel. Here are some of them.

Have you climbed a tree?
I answered that yes, when I was a child I climbed lots of trees.

Have you climbed to the top of the tree?
Again the answer was yes. Also, after consulting the personnel, I told that we used to climb to the top of birch trees and started to sway the tree until we were able to hop to another tree.

Have you climbed icebergs?
Sometimes in ice falls there are big chunks of ice that needs to be climbed to get to the other side. They are like small icebergs. The ones floating in the sea I haven't climbed.

Have you climbed to the heaven?
Since I don't know when heaven starts I told that I have climbed many times above the clouds. Children thought that this was rather strange thing.

Eventually the children were allowed to touch the climbing equipment. One weird thing was the climbing boot that has inner boot inside the outer shell. Everyone wanted to see this small boot. The ice axe, mittens and rope were also topics of interest.