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8.4.2009 Mental tests in base camp

Antti, Mikko and Tomi raising the flag
Sunny and warm morning again in Base Camp even it was -11 Celsius at night. Thanks to our equipment everyone slept well. After breakfast Esa arrived to Base Camp from Gorak Shep. Timo is still recovering in Tengboche and will come to Base Camp in one week time. Tents and other equipments were prepared for high camps. We have all together about 500 kg of equipment to carry through Khumbu ice fall. Route is still undone and opening will take a few days. Heikki, doctor of the expedition, visited at Base Camp clinic of Himalayan Rescue Association. Two American doctor and one Nepalese Lapka Sherpa who has studied medical sciences in the University of Tampere a couple of years ago. Doctors of the HRA are experienced and the discussion about usual health problem in Base Camp was interesting. During afternoon we continued psychological tests as planned in research plan. In addition we went through our wellness and health situation which seems to be very good even if a few of us have some minor problem in acclimatization. All is well in the expedition!