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15.5.2009 Sauna

The summit team is training for resting in C4
Temperature is rising
Lovely cooling
Once again things got out of control... We were testing if all the six person summit team can sleep together in the same tent. Easily! However, at this moment (there were seven person in the tent now) Tomi ordered that every zippers should be closed and the one who escapes first from the hot tent will be thrown out from the summit team. As being very competitive we decided that none of us won't go out until a thermometer of a Suunto watch has gone up to 40 Celcius. This turned out to be too easy case and we set a new aim to 50 degrees. By now everyone wore only boxer shorts and tried to dig himself into as cool place as possible. Anyhow, all attempts to cheat such like lie below mattresses against icy ground were prevented. Temperature stabilized at 49 degrees and we asked our supervising doctor to bring a gas stove to boost our little sauna. The stove was quicly delivered to the tent of full of sweating men. At the same time we set the aim higher again to 60 degrees. It was impossible to light matches after being 90 minutes in the steaming tent and Heikki helped us to light the stove outside the tent. At this point we realised that the thermometer's maximum had been reached a long time ago and it wouldn't rise to 50 degrees. We estimated temperature to be around 70 degrees when we rushed out from the tent in boxers and totally sweating. We ran down to the glacial river to wash ourselves while amazed trekkers were staring at us.