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18.4.2009 Rest and prepare

Today our team devited in to the two part. The others headed up to Camp I with loads preparing to over night an Camp I and continue further to Camp II (6400 m) next morning. The BC team Heikki, Mikko, Antti and Tomi were having the rest day which indeed they had really earned. They have planned to ascent to Camp II via Camp I to settle equipments tomorrow. Timo did his first ascent to Camp I today and decent down well feeling at dinner time. At BC we went through normal routines; washing clothes, reading books and having fun with by passing tourists. We were testing how our tiny white lies were effecting trekkers and our conclusion were that the bigger lie the better it does works. The story of the day was Heikki's story to German tourists about his 'plans' to rise a plastic surgery clinic at BC. Rest of the day we used to search clients for the clinic.

All is well!