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2.4.2009 Crossing Periche Pass

Heikki is estimating strenght of the bridge.
Monks in their duty.
Timo is crossing a river.
It was a clear morning in Tengboche. The expedition was woken up at 6 o'clock when monks were starting their ceremony in the monastery.

Nyingmapa Buddhism monks arrived on this beautiful mountain ridge in 1923 and the monastery was rebuilt in 1932 after an earthquake. Morning routines were rapidly done with measurements and we were ready to walk through the forest of rhododendrons. After one and an half hours we arrived at Pangboche where we had a short tea break. From here we continued until Shomare where we had a lunch break. As watching more and less tired trekkers travelling pass up and down, we thought it's just as our life... always uphill or downhill. After an hour we headed above the tree line on the high land. It was easy to walk up here and soon we reached Periche pass (4270 m) and straight after Periche village.

Earlier Periche has been yak herding area but now most of locals get their living from tourists. Also trekkers and climbers receive medican attention by Himalayan Rescue Association which is located here.

In the evening we contacted to the other half of our team at Tengboche and they were very well and will join us tomorrow at Periche.

All well in the expedition!