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Jussi is doing the body composition test.
The morning rush in Kathmandu.
Our day started again very sunny. At first thing in morning, there was different kind of voices coming in to our rooms. Colourful smells, people voices, cars, dust... so its like magic for finnish boys! It was great to wake up again and start day's routines!
First we did clever-mental tests by Dr Karinen! We will repeat them every week in mountain in different heights. Afterwards some very vice guys can do some conclusions about our brains. We heard that every guys pass that test today (1300 m). Hehee..
Today we bought some traditional flags into our bacecamp. Every flag has a prayer and wind should carry those prayers for gods!
So, readers, everything is just fine here! No Problem! Now we are just waiting for time to get into village of Lukla!
Regards to our families, lovers and friends!
Yours the Hollola man