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1.4.2009 Vanguard is moving

Ama Dablam seen behind the monastery gates.
Heikki gets his face well tanned in the local solarium.
Timo is chilling down his toes in Dudi Koshi river.
A cold and chilly morning changed soon to a very hot day as half of our team (Timo, Heikki, Esa and Jussi) headed steep path to Tengboche (3820 m). It took about four hours to get to Tengboche and we made it soon after midday. So we had some time to visit local monastery and saw monks in their daily business. Our lodge style changed totally at once and we are waiting a fight against rats at night. However, sights are amazing because there are 6000 - 7000 meters high mountains everywhere of which Ama Dablam is probably the most famous. Rest of our team is still in Namche for getting themselves in good shape after minor health problems such as flu and they will follow us tomorrow.

All well in the expedition!