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1.5.2009 Wappu-lunch

The Himalayan whale
The members of this expedition are unfortunately unable to properly celebrate the Finnish spring-festival Wappu and are instead busy working and ferrying bags of dried soup up the Everest slopes. We decided to have a small party and called our cook in basecamp and asked him to prepare a delicious wappu-meal for us. The diet here is heavy on veggies and our front teeth have started growing. To get some variation we wished for meat or fish in addition to the local goodies. So our cook Kedar put on his boots and went fishing.

He was not very lucky, though, as all lakes were frozen all the way to the bottom. And ice-fishing would not have helped anyhow, as all fish live several miles downstream. Then Kedar tried his best to catch some Himalaya chicken; they look like small pheasant and taste heavenly. On his way back Kedar was astonished to find a whale fossil from millions of years ago. The meat was tightly packed and our able cook realised it would not be edible even after long cooking. so Kedar decided to gather herbs from the mountainside to go with sausages and chips. Unless our boys find proper game. Tommi has built a crossbow from bamboo and will go hunting tomorrow.

All is well with the expedition.