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3.5.2008 Rock climbing in Havukallio

Havukallio in Hollola. Hybrishalkeama 6+/7-
As you have noticed we got 12 more months to prepare even better for the coming endeavour. Until the last moment we were waiting for the miracle to happen to make our dream come true in spring 2008. However, this didn't happen. A very short black moment passed until we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and we made a decision to be at the root of Mount Everest in spring 2009 and even more dedicated than now!

We decided that we will be much better prepared, both mentally and physically. We can also make some more modifications to our equipment during the year. So the road is open and we will just go ahead!

We have started a new round of basic endurance training doing trail running, rollerskating, mountainbiking, cycling and of course climbing. The rock climbing locations in the Southern Finland will become familiar again to our expedition.

Enjoying grilled delicacies is an integral part of Finnish summer. It has it's drawbacks but some of our members are targeting to run at least one marathon during the summer. So it is better to have some kind of exercise program going on all the time.

Very good spring and summer to all of you.