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14.7.2008 Summer of The Expedition

Jussi doing a great steep and slopey traverse (7B) at Uuro boulders
Sportsmen's fair at Riihimäki in early June
Jussi climbing at Jero boulders, route Humanoidi (7C)
The summer has already gone so far and after a short break we have started to prepare for ascent of 2009. We received some good news about our cargo from Kathmandu earlier this summer. The equipments we sent beforehand the cancellation are safe and waiting for coming challenges.
In Tibet some positive features seem to happen. Even at the moment no climbers are expected to climb any 8000ers in Tibet area this year, trekking teams are now allowed to enter after restrictions.

In the near future there are many kinds of action scheduled for the expedition. Tomi already started summer season as climbed at Cordilliera Blanca area in Peru. Among others he ascended awesome SW Face of Ranrapalca. Just now, Mikko is on the same area planning to ascent of Huascaran Norte via Shield Route and Huascaran Sur. Both of those peaks reach around 7000 meters.

Otherwise preparing is very much about climbing, keeping physical fit on the good level and doing some little adjustments. You can see members of the expeditions in several events during summer and fall.

Vaarojen maraton, Koli
Pirkan hölkkä
Ahvenanmaan maraton
Berlin marathon

Very interesting medical research case is waiting us in the fall. We will run until exhaustion and breathe same time Nitrogen mixed air through a mask. This should simulate effect in our body as does decreasing amount of oxygen in high altitude.

Ski Expo ?exhibition is worth of mention because we?ll take a big role in there as we did in 2007. This event takes a place in early November.

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