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7.4.2009 Second day in basecamp

Our camp
Morning started after snowfall sunny and warm. It was again time to check our equipment so everything would be ready when the route to camp1 opens, hopefully after few days. There are rumours that it is done half way through. The movement of the glacier and changing weather conditions make the predictions only predictions. Even though based on our original plan we were supposed to be the first carry to the camp1 the situation is not alarming since we are able to acclimatise better by staying in the BC altitude. This means that we may be able to make the first trip directly to camp2 and start approaching camp3 sooner. Camp3 is critical since there are only limited amount of camp sites there. Therefore it would be very good to be well acclimatised when the higher camp building starts. The base camp itself starts to fill with climbers. We have got Swedish-Spanish, Indian and Croatian teams into our neighbourhood. The whole BC is huge since there are between 30-40 separate expeditions to Everest and some to Lhotse. In the picture of the day there is a sketch of our camp. The closest tent is Tomi's and Heikki's, leftmost one is mess tent where we dine and spend time. Next one on the left is the tent of our cooks and sirdar, kitchen tent and store tent. Behind left is Arri's and Jussi's tent, Juha's tent and Mikko's and Antti's tent. Today we have also set up a tent for Esa and Timo who are arriving in a few days time to the BC. All is well!