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4.5.2009 Weight control

Heikki is on the scale
The expedition has done a lot measurements including nutrition cases. Our base camp chef is continously making awesome dishes which helps us to take care of nutrition. Pizzas, hamburgers, fried potatos, chicken with rice and vegetables are common dishes. At high camps we are on our own and gas stowes are used to cook travel food. We have planned daily food packs to contain as much energy as possible, but it is known that staying at high altitude and lack of oxygen are taking effect to our appetite. Even though we have tried to eat as much as we can the expedition members have lost some weight since arriving to base camp at 8.4. Loss are between 2.2 - 7.3 kg and on average about 4 kilos. Of course we knew before hand that fat and muscles will lose while we are on the mountain. Energy consumption during climbing day might be up to 4850 kcal (climbing over Khumbu to Camp I 5300 - 6100 m) and a rest day at BC takes about 2500 kcal. On days like this when all of us are resting at BC we have been covering energy need enjoying many kinds of energy drinks if available.

All is well, there is still plenty of cold energy drinks...