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5.11.2007 Skiexpo 2-4.11.2007

The expedition had own stand in the Skiexpo exhibition in Helsinki. In addition we gave number of lectures both in Audi A5 stage as well as in the ballroom. The stand got lot of attention and we told about our intentions to thousands of visitors. The press and TV visited our stand and interviewed the members of the expedition. The article on 3.11.2007 in Helsingin Sanomat (page B20) just like the video in Iltalehti webTV pages, that can still be found in sports section with heading "Suomalaiset lähtevät maailman huipulle", got people interested. Number of other newspapers, TV-channels and STT made interviews - thank you all for your interest towards our expedition. The expedition web pages were visited thousands of times during the weekend. All new readers are cordially welcome to follow the road to the top. During next months we try to let you know about any interesting happenings and preparations at least once a week. During the actual climbing we will have a daily note from the camps and hopefully also from the top of Everest.