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10.1.2008 The Physical Challenge

The perfect weather for training
SpiroTiger kicks your lungs working

Only ten weeks left until our expedition starts. Everything looks like excellent but there are still lots of doing. Especially physical training is on our schedules! It's nice to gather all together for training as you may have found out from this diary but of course we are training on our own as well or maybe we should say mainly on our own. That's because we have different schedules and ways of training. Here you can find an example about Jussi's training week. That was a week back and quite serious one.

Monday morning: running for an hour, heart beat between 145 and 160. Immediately after that breathe endurance training with SpiroTiger for 30 minutes.

At night: gym training including barrel squat, snatch and abs.

Tuesday: two and a half hours cross-country running with poles and a backpack. Heart beat 130 - 150. There was climbing rope for 120 meters and a couple of water bottles in the backpack.

Wednesday: just for relaxing and resting... easy 30 minutes running and some sit-ups, pull-ups etc. at home.

Thursday morning: one and a half hours running with poles and backpack. Just like on Tuesday.

At night: easy running for an hour plus SpiroTiger training.

Friday: an hour running in the morning and same in the evening.

Saturday morning: again running with poles and backpack for one and a half hours and Spirotiger training after that.

At night: gym training like on Monday but snatching's switched to power cleaning.

Sunday morning: easy run to the gym and very light training for 45 minutes in there.

Late afternoon: running with poles for an hour, that's it the week's done!