Highly specialised projects, like Everest 2009, have lot of publicity that can be easily utilised in number of ways. The first Finnish expedition climbing on Mount Everest creates lot of material that is of interest for public media. In addition to general public there is a fast growing climber community in Finland that follows this kind of events very closely.

At the same time the companies need new and cost effective projects in their communication that have a good public image.

Everest 2009 ?project can be utilised in number of ways in company communication. The unique cooperation between the expedition and the company can help e.g. in following areas: image, marketing, advertising, communication.

The material will be abundant. The documentation of the whole expedition by still photographs, video footage and text is a fundamental part of the expedition. The situation of the expedition will be reported regularly and during the expedition it is also possible to create material for sponsor's use.


The expedition provides companies with positive partnership. By good cooperation the goals will be achieved and the values, that are important for both parties are highlighted: Finnish sisu and perseverance. The expedition provides a new solution for the communication needs of your company. The cooperation highlights the mutual values and qualities of the expedition and your company.


Examples of possibilities available:
  • advertisements in everest.fi web pages
  • advertisements in clothing and tents
  • visibility in informative briefings
  • visibility in exhibitions
  • visibility in TV
  • radio interviews
  • visibility in newspapers and magazines
  • articles in customer magazines
  • still photo and video material from the expedition
  • visibility during lectures
Contacts: sponsorointi@everest.fi