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17.5.2009 Waiting is over now

The gradual climb between C1 and C2
On the way to C1 through Khumbu
Well well, the summit push is finally on. Tomi, Mikko, Arri, Jussi, Antti and Esa started today morning at 3am towards C2 and aiming for the summit in the morning of 20.5. Heikki joined them and his target is to reach South Col (8000m) and ensure as a doctor that everyone is ok to start towards summit from C4. Today they will go to C2 and rest there overnight. Tomorrow, 18.5, they will continue to C3 to rest another night. And in the morning of 19.5 they will go to C4 in South Col where they will put up one more tent. In C3-C4 leg the supplementary oxygen is already in use. In C4 they will have a rest and rehydrate themselves as well as eat before it is time to start towards the summit at around midnight. From C4 to the summit it will take between 8-12 hours depending on the traffic. Meaning that those who have guessed the summit time on 20.5 between 07:00-12:00 have a good change on winning the tent. We have received big load of answers, thanks for that.

Timo will start tomorrow morning towards C2. Target is to go to C3 and descend with Heikki. We want to ensure to have a radio contact to whole summit team at all times via C2. This is due to the fact that most probably the radio connection from basecamp to C4 and above will not work without problems all the time.

In the basecamp Juha will monitor the situation and will convey the weather forecast information (possible changes) and changes in the situation of other, known expeditions to the summit team as soon as they are available. During summit night we will keep the support team in Finland aware of the situation all the time and they will post the information in the diary. This way you, readers, can follow the summit attempt almost online! So, on Tuesday night from around 21:00 finnish time onwards you will be able to follow this unique entertainment in this same address.

All is well