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17.4.2009 Rest saves energy

A sufficient amount of nutrition is essential to maintain physical capability. According to our research plan we measured energy consumption when ascending from BC to Camp I. The measurement was done by recording heart rate at the frequency of 1000 mHz during one day and heart rate variation was used when the energy consumption was calculated by First Beat software. The weight of climbers who took part in this measurement varied between 66-84 kg and the time of intensive climbing was around 8-9 hours. It was supprising that the energy consumption varied by very little only being about 4850 kcal or 21000 KJ.

We had estimated the need for energy to be on this level in our nutrition plan and thus there is enough food for all of us. Usually at high altitude appetite is not as good as at lower altitude but any signs of this have not seen yet. One reason for this might be our highly skilled chef Shandrey who cooks amazing dishes using simple ingredients. Today we had burgers, chips and sallads.

Otherwise we all had a rest day at BC before a new ascent to Camp I and further to Camp II a day after. The aim is to supply some more equipments up to Camp II. In the morning we took some 'official' potraits and team photos. These results will be seen later this month on web page.