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14.4.2009 Dear Basecamp

Unofficial "trekking record" has been made - Little Timmu
arrived today into the basecamp after 19 days of trekking
and the expedition is together again. Around a week ago I
went down to recover from slight symptoms of flu and fever.
After feeling well I started to go up, village by village.
It felt like in the movie "Groundhog day". Going down
1250 m also gave a new view of the route since the traffic
of trekkers and fellow climbers had increased a lot. Camp1
was successfully built yesterday so my small detour didn't
affect it. There is still six weeks time to build further
high camps and try to summit. Few days of rest and
acclimatization in the basecamp and then my work will start
to stock the higher camps.

The other guys had a rest day in the basecamp by reading and
washing clothes. The backbags were packed for tomorrow. The
purpose is that eight guys will send more supplies to camp1.
At the same time we will take tents, stoves and oxygen for
the highest camps. If all goes well Antti and Mikko will
sleep overnight at camp1, take some tents to camp2 and come
back to basecamp the day after. And as well guys from First
Ascent ( visited to take some
shootage at our camp.

All is well!