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29.3.2009 Uphill to Namche Pazar

Nordic walking ...
... and pushing uphill
Village people near Namche Pazar
It was a cold morning in Phakting. Dogs or maybe wolfs were yelling outside and kept some of us awake at night. Rest pulse was measured before the breakfast and after that we headed our way 800 vertical meters up to Namche Pazar. On the way we had a lunch break at Jorsaille which gave us more energy to walk through the awesome scenes. For measurement of oxygen saturation during work out we had to run for awhile to uphill to get pulse arise. This amazed American trekkers who were thinking we are "crazy finns". The last push up to 3450 meters altitude made our leg's muscles to feel a bit sore. Mikko and Arri are still a day behind us, but are most probably reaching Namche tomorrow.
The expedition has received some questions about those extra names in our climbing permit as you can see in this diary a couple of days back. Due to technical reasons our local organiser applied the permit together with another expedition which however won't have anything to do with us.
As well the question about weights of our equipments and other stuff has taken attention. Total load of 3000 kg include personal equipments, food, oxygen systems, cooking gas, tents (26 pcs) and basecamp equipments.

All well!