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24.4.2009 High campers

Jussi, Arri and Esa are having a rest at Camp II.
Heikki is crossing a crevasse at Khumbu.
After a few days while all of us have been building high camps, Heikki, Arri and Jussi returned to BC for recover. Antti, Tomi, Juha and Mikko are supposed to ascent and to fix Camp III at 7100 m tomorrow. The others will supply Camp III equipments after rest days. Timo and Esa packed their bags at Camp I to carry them up to camp II today and they will arrive at BC early tomorrow morning.

Once Camp III has fully fixed we are able to prepare for summit attempt, anyhow this will take at least a couple of weeks with rests even if weather stays good. So far we can't say any bad word about weather which has been excellent and for sure we wish it to be fine in the future as well. Jet Streams are currently quite high at the summit (30 - 40 m/s) that don't allow summiting. Wind is supposed to weak down end of this month.