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22.4.2009 Flowers, butterflies and plans for the next few days

View to the valley at 5:30am
My dear diary 22.4.2009,

The Khumbu glacier, that lies below and next to us has changed since we arrived here two weeks ago. Spring is coming and days are bit longer now. The sun is melting the glacier into small streams that join forces and create a big, strong current in the middle of the glacier flowing down to the valley. Instead, the stream of climbers want to go up, higher, towards the distant summit of Mt Everest. Even the butterflies have noticed the warmth in the basecamp and have come up here to find flowers. The yellow canvas of our tent gets them to have a rest but next blow of wind makes them to continue their search, in the middle of the tents of other expedition. Possibly the sun needs to shine much stronger before colourful flowers will blossom in the valley.

And yes, all is well with the expedition.

Timo, Arri, Heikki, Esa and Jussi left today morning towards camp1 and camp2. This time the backbags were filled with oxygen and personal gear. Target is to spend more than one night in those camps. It looks like Esa did a new record in his age group between basecamp and camp1. Even local sherpas whispered Jesa, Jhesa who? Ha, flying gazell! The basic training taken place in Mikkeli mountains had obviously brought results.

Juha, Tomi, Mikko and Antti were ordered by our doctor to stay one more day in the basecamp. This is due to the fact that our fat percentage has dropped to the level of school girl. Therefore we need to fatten ourselves with rice and vegetables to be at top condition tomorrow morning when heading towards higher camps.

Greetings to families, friends, lovers and loved ones.

(It may be that there will be 1-2 days break in diary notes since all members will be in higher camps, but be patient we will return into the air asap)