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19.8.2007 Helsinki Roller Marathon

Only four more kilometers to go...
Arri and Juha decided to participate in the in-line skating event in Helsinki and Espoo pavements. The choice was 47km distance with poles. There were about 100 other skating enthusiasts in the starting line with them. The weather was perfect, about +22?C and the sun was shining. The old truth of a TV athlete, Mr. Salakka, was proven right again. In a long distance like this the powerful start is the key to success! Following this tactic the going did get really tough after about 5km, still 42km left... Well, the gap to the group behind was already so big that even by slowing down slightly it held until the finish line. Of course the top skaters had gone their own speed already much ealier. This was a very good and relaxed event and will see us again next year.