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26.10.2008 Training on week 20-26.10.2008

Expedition members have their own personal training programs. Those who are interested can find below my training diary for one week. I change the exercises based on the weather and feeling such a way that the training is always motivating week after week until we head to Himalaya in five months time.

My training concentrates mainly on increasing the endurance and stamina. I do not train in highest heart rate that much. Instead I try to keep the heart rate at levels where I can continue long without loosing the joy of training. My calculated maximum heart rate is 179 and I think it is rather close the real maximum even though in spring it was measured to be only 162 in a treadmill exercise. In some interval training I have been able to log heart rate of 175. My resting heart rate is around 40. In my training I use Polar RS800G3 heart rate monitor and GPS pod.

Monday 20.10
In the middle of the day I made a very quick gym workout. It lasted around 30 minutes and I did only one exercise and one set for each muscle group. The set had between 20-30 repetitions depending on the exercise. The interval between sets was 20-30 seconds. The energy consumption was around 300kcal. In the evening I did a 2h walk in the forest with my dogs. The distance was approximately 10km, I did not measure heart rate nor energy consumption.

Tuesday 21.10
On Tuesday I cycled to work and back. The distance is 34km one way, so the total for the day was 68km cycling. In the morning it took 1h 22min and energy consumption was bit over 1200kcal, average heart rate was 138. On the way back home in the evening it rained all the way and there was quite stong headwind practically the whole way. Therefore it took slightly longer time than in the morning, 1h 40min and the energy consumption was again bit over 1200kcal, average heart rate was 125.

Wednesday 22.10
Today was a day off from training except SpiroTiger training in the evening. 2*15min and respiratory rate of 24/min.

Thursday 23.10
Time for a run. I logged 10km in 51 minutes on the road with my dogs. The energy consumption was 800kcal and average heart rate was 142.

Friday 24.10
Gym workout. In the evening I did similar gym workout than on Monday, except slightly longer and I did some stretching after the workout. Time spent was 1 hour and energy consumption bit over 600kcal.

Saturday 25.10
Saturday was a time for a longer recovery workout. I spent bit over 4 hours walking in Nuuksio National park with my dogs. The distance I estimated to be around 15km. The weather was perfect being outside. I had my camera with me as well and was able to capture some rather ok images.

Sunday 26.10
Another rest day for the week. Only SpiroTiger tarining with slightly higher respiratory rate. 3*6min and respiratory rate of 26/min. And in the evening walking an hour with the dogs.

During the week I had nine workouts alltogether. Time used was bit over 12 hours, the distance logged around 100km and total energy consumption slightly over 4000kcal.

Have a nice workouts