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16.5.2009 Preparing for the summit push

Down suit presented by Mikko
Harnesses and the ascender on the front left
I'm not sure if early wake up was due to the coming summit push or having lately so much sleep. Anyhow, the whole expedition was awake at 6.30am watching a day getting clear.

Todays plan was to pack our bags for the summit push and prepaire some malfunctions of equipments. After breakfast there were slim men with t-shirts on the camp ground preparing their meal packs, testing oxygen systems and fixing whatever things. Lack of Jerky (dried meat) was probably our biggest problem. Dry and salty meat is so tasty at high camps.

We checked mountain boots and crampons. We use those boots and crampons next 4-5 days from early morning to evening and those must be in good condition (duct tape was used to fix the biggest ???). Everyone checked ones backbag and clothing needed up there. Down suit, which is seen on a picture beside, is used at C2 where it is needed while doing some little things without getting sweat (shoveling snow, fixing tent, cooking, etc). The real need of down suit is at C4 and above. Wind and very low temperature set certain limit for the clothes but most of us use down suit as sleeping as well... or as trying to sleep at C4. Once starting summit push from C4 at midnight everyone has the down suit as the uppermost clothing.

Harnesses with other safety equipments are with us during the summit push. An ascender is very important for instance on the Lhotse face and a belay sling with a carabine as belaying ourselves on fixed ropes on the summit ridge.

All is well in the expedition and motivation is extremely high after a long wait. We are starting the summit push as moving to C2 with peaceful mind and smiley lips in Sunday morning 17.5 at 3am.

Greetings to home, friends and lovers.