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31.3.2009 Another acclimatization day in Namche

It was a cold morning in Namche. Our group got together 8am at breakfast to make plan for the day. The agenda was quickly made: free program in the surroundings and in the streets of Namche. Timmu, however, wanted to give a brief morning exercise to the group. Other named this 15 minutes of sweat to "Morning carousel of Little-Piggy". Name "Little-Piggy" refers to heavily developed middle torso of Timmu. Expedition believes that the BMIs (Body Mass Index) of "Big-Piggy" (Mikko) and "Little-Piggy" will meet within two weeks. The angle of the BMI curve of both is high - the other being only negative.

Tomorrow most of us will head to Tengboche. Mikko and Arri will spend one more day acclimatizing in Namche.

All is well.

PS. We saw the first glimpse of Everest today