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20.5.2009 The Summit Team is going up, C4 > 8848

All 4 team members that summitted are now back in C4 for some eating and drinking. Then moving to C3 for overnight sleep. Tomorrow decending all the way to BC.


Airborne Ranger Club Team summitted Mount Everest south side today at 07:50 AM, reports Juha this morning. The central lock is on top of the world.
The summiteers are Tomi Myllys and the rest summit team followed behind.


Tomi reached the south summit at 06:45 and Antti + Jussi followed. Arri is about 1/2 h back.

Next there is 1h to the Hillary Step and finally last 1h to the summit itself.

Mikko and Esa are back in C4 in good shape.


Today at 05:00 AM Arri reached The Balcony and Esa has turned back to C4.


Today after 4 hours past midnight Antti, Jussi and Tomi are on Balcony. Esa and Arri followed a little behind and Mikko has turned back to C4.
Night is clear and wind is low - everything is fine on way to summit.