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3.4.2009 Rendevouz in Pheriche

Arri receiving a blessing from Lama Geshe
The vanguard group had a rest day in Pheriche so when the rear guard arrived there the whole group was together again. The rear guard group (Juha, Tomi, Mikko, Antti and Arri) started as usual at 7am from Tengboche in overcast weather with a temperature of +2C. Instead of normal route our Sirdar, Sonam, took a small detour to a small monastery in Pangboche. There lives a 75 years old Tibetan Lama Geshe. Lama Geshe provides climbers with personal blessing, helds a small prayer for them and writes a card that includes a prayer that follows the climber to the summit. According to Sonam meeting Lama Geshe brings good luck and there is never too much of it. The trek itself was possibly the best so far by the profile as well as views. Closer to the 4000m the scenery turns more rough and wild and perhaps because of that more beautiful.

When we descended from the Pheriche Pass towards Pheriche there is still a small river to pass. The path makes a turn to the right where is the bridge. Towards to the left there is a iron fence that also works as a makeshift bridge. Antti and Arri were the fastest and used the bridge, Juha and Tomi made a balancing act on the iron fence and got to the other side. Mikko decided to take a risk and went further left looking for a place to cross using the stones and lost the game, as usual. He slipped and decided to walk in a shin deep water to the other side, heart rate rushing close to 200. The day was ended with arrival to the Himalayan Hotel, our lodge, which is really grand place to stay, possibly best so far. All well in the expedition!