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16.4.2009 A Depot at Camp II

Camp II situates approx here below the Lhotse face.
The expedition is in the good mood! All climbers are at BC again. Camp II (6400 m) was touched by Finns today when Tomi, Mikko and Antti climbed up to book a tent site below the Lhotse face. A way Camp I - Camp II - BC took about 10 hours and everything works very well albeit some light font headache appeared. Mikko was responsible for hydration and food and he made a great breakfast using 'Pirkka pasta' (A Finnish brand) with cheese. The secret of the great taste was 27 minutes steaming after boiling...

Camp II is partly on rocks and partly on ice or snow. High 7000ers mountains are covering our camps. Anyhow, wind was strong enough to stop us to put up tents. So we decited to make a depot which is marked a tiny Finnish flag. When we really need Camp II the tents will be put up.

Tomi is currently at the meeting of all expedition's leader where they discuss about fixing rope above Camp II and other common things.

Regards to our families, friends and lovers

(oh yeah... we were writing incorrectly about Tomi's grade in high school mathematics ... which were told to be M but actually it is L).