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19.4.2009 Taking turns

The ladders are waiting for a climber at Khumbu.
Now things work very well and equipments are moving higher and higer in men's backbags as day by day. Today Arri, Juha, Esa and Jussi put up tents at camp II and as usual they brought some equipments for Camp II and Camp III. The day's journey started from Camp I at dawn and ended to BC just at the lunch time. Antti, Mikko and Tomi packed their bags and headed from BC to Camp I in the early morning. They have planned to go and adjust equipments at Camp II tomorrow. Timo and Heikki are taking rest day and preparing to next ascent.

An answer for a question from the audience; We have been asked about Ice Doctors of whom we have told to fix the route over Khumbu icefall. They are actually local professionals whos duty are to search and fix the best and the safest route in that very challenging terrain. Seracs (huge chunks of ice) are moving continously and warm of the sun is melting seracs and anchors, so the care must be taken. Without Ice Doctors way up would be stopped at BC for an average Everest climbers and for those who has more experience in ice climbing and route reading skills, the way over Khumbu would take dangerously long time.

All is well!