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4.10.2008 Finetuning the physical condition in X-Kaato adventure race

2:30am at Oittaa
Juha and Arri after the race
One two person team from the expedition participated in X-Kaato adventure race. The race took place on early morning on 4.10 in Espoo. The race location was around Oittaa outdoor area and the maps were distributed to the teams at 3am on that morning. the race itself started at 5am.

The race started with a night orienteering stage that was followed by cycling. The offering was wet and dark tracks lighted by headlamps. The first cycling stage ended in the shore of Pitkäjärvi lake where we left the bicycles and the canoeing stage started.

The canoeing stage was, especially at the end, a real adventure paddling. At times it was no paddling at all but carrying, pulling and pushing the canoe on the riverbed and in the rapids. As the race planner had promised everyone got definitely soaking wet during this stage. The canoeing ended at Glims where the running stage started.

First the route took us to the slalom hill of Kauniainen where there was a "Quest" exercise to climb the hill five times . After this the running continued back to the bicycles. The last cycling state ended back to the Oittaa race center.

The total distance was bit over 60km and we used little bit less than six hours on this nice outdoor morning. We agreed that this was rather good long exercise when preparing for the climb in Mt. Everest next spring.

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