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2.2.2008 Asemaboulder at Koivukylä

Fabulous slopey route.
Every now and then I even got some problems to reach routes over pads.
Today I had a slightly different training day which worked very well as endurance work out. Of course it gave such a lot variety for basic training routines and climbing itself gave huge pleasure as an enjoyable activity. Tero Järvinen and Tomi Nytorp have arranged past many years the great opportunities for climbers to test their climbing skills and techniques.

Previously this popular climbing event was called as Kinkkuboulder (nowadays Asemaboulder). This year the event bunched up about 90 climbers to climb and train. Although it's a competition I said train because there are many who just want come and try Tomi's and Tero's nice and various routes. The guys had given huge effort to do crimpy, sloupy, twisty, balance and other tricky routes on the walls of Koivukylä cave, altogether over 30 routes. Absolutely there were bunch of happy and smiley people around with a great feeling. Just amazing!

Time for climbing was four and a half hours so there was plenty of time to hang up with friends and eat some snacks between climbing. Anyway aiming to climb or at least try and project as many routes as possible. Afterwards my feeling is tired but also fabulous. Back and arms feel sore and fingers glove as red torches. Some stretching might be a good idea in the evening or maybe something cold for palms and fingers.

Thanks for Tomi and Tero. I found a great motivation to go back for stepping up and down jumping hillside again!