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18.5.2009 On the way to C3

Jumaring towards C3
C3 is in sight, but I have to rest for a while
The view to Western Cwm from C3
I just got the radio message that the whole summit team has reached C3 (lunchtime on monday). Everything has gone according to the plan except that Heikki turned back after hurting his wrist just enough not to be able to continue jumaring. He will descend to C1 to accompany Timo and possibly tomorrow move back to C2 to wait for the summit team to return. The latest weather forecast says that the winds at the summit are the lowest between 20-22.5. This means that the summit day couldn't have been chosen better. The average wind should be between 10-15m/s and the night time temperature close to -23-25C. In the basecamp I'm enjoying tuna pasta with cheese and warm tea for lunch and wonder how come clothes can smell so, hmm, exotic after wearing them only for two weeks...

All is well