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2.5.2009 The last preparations

Tomi and Antti reaching Camp III
Arri managing gear at Camp III
Night view from Camp III tent
Arri, Esa and Jussi returned to BC today after staying two nights at Camp III 7100 m. Sleeping wasn't allowed without carrying two hard loads up to Camp III on Lhotse face. A changed route was tiny extra supprise and that's why Arri and Jussi were forced to fix a safe route to the Camp III. Every of us spent good time on that altitude and that helped acclimatization for summit attempt. The others will sleep at camp III on coming days.

At high camps there is little to do but daydreaming, cooking and melting water. Major of time is spent as melting water because hydration need is 4-6 litres a day. This is for higher respiratory frequence and physical work. Eating itself is done with a common pot; got your spoon when ready. There is some problem to reach 'loo' from a tent at Camp III due to steep face the crampons and the axe are needeed for safety reasons. Esa made this a little bit easier as shoveling a path to 'loo'.