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13.4.2009 Camp I 6100 m

Finally, last night at 3am under the full moon, team 'well
fit' headed up to the Camp I taking plenty of equipment for
Camps I and II with them. When team 'not so well fit' woke
up at BC, climbers feelings were asked and the conclusion
seemed to be that Antti 'the quick foot' from Hollola was
above the steep serac section and would reach  Camp I very
soon. At 8 o'clock we reseived a message at BC that Antti
had reached Camp I and would start to prepare camp sites
and to put up a tent he had carried up.

The other four Mikko, Juha, Tomi and Heikki went up
pretty much side by side and they reached Camp I while
Antti was preparing to decent back down to BC. The Camp
I was fully fixed just before midday and all others
started their decent to BC. In the good conditions and
as well acclimatized teh altitude of BC the normal ascent
time from BC to Camp I is approx 6 - 8 hours. Later when
acclimatization level is higher the ascent time will be
aroud four hours. Vice versa the way down takes about
two hours.

Even the official opening time of the Khumbu route was
today after guys had left BC the early start was really
smart move because at around 7 o'cock there was a long row
of 'ants' climbing through the serac section. The night
start is slightly safer as well because the sun won't melt
seracs and anchors before 9 am.

At BC Jussi and Esa are waiting for their fever is easying
down and Arri is having problem with his back muscles. Timo
had reached Gorak Shep today and will arrive BC tomorrow
morning. If all health problems have gone Jussi, Esa and
Arri will ascent to Camp one on coming night or at least
a day after when the next push of the whole expedition
has planned.

We have been very glad to receive greetings, jokes, news
from Finland and around via the expedition mail. We are
looking forward new mails at

All is well!

Weather: Sunny, totally windless and desperately hot at
Camp I