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10.4.2009 Daily diary note sending to Finland

Solar panels on mess tent
Battery bag
Mikko working on a daily connection to Finland
We try to send one daily piece of text and accompanying photographs to our web diary. For this we have in a basecamp Olympus cameras, Lenovo laptop, Thuraya satellite phone and "battery bag" recharged by solar panels to provide power to our equipment. In the battery bag there is 26Ah battery, charge controller and 150W inverter. We mainly use 12VDC to recharge the equipment but certain batteries we need to charge via inverter using 240VAC.

We write the daily notes by Notepad text editor, translate it into english and edit the photographs to smaller size. To send the daily note we try to use Vizada SkyFile service. The number we need to dial is 1728. For some reason this service has worked intermittently so the backup solution is to call Thuraya generic internet access number 1722. In this case sending the message is bit more time consuming since the user interface is then normal webmail and with slow connection the loading of the pages takes time.

In Finland we have support team who receives our notes and puts it into our web pages. We are very grateful to these guys to use their time to poll our messages daily and putting them into the web pages. This same support team collects messages sent by you, puts them into one message that is sent to us into the basecamp. So we are not reading individual messages by ourselves but they are conveyed in one daily message to us for reading.

All is well!