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5.1.2008 Skiing in Paloheinä

In the queue...
Kempo posing!
This Saturday the expedition members from the Metropolitan Helsinki headed to skiing in Paloheinš. There were a crowd of other skiers as well enjoying a beautiful sunny morning in a track just short of one kilometer which was opened using the snow collected from the ice halls, thanks to the city of Helsinki for bringing it to Paloheinš. We spent there a bit over two hours doing approximately the half the distance of 'Finlandia hiihto'.

Now we are eagerly waiting for the snow the weather forecast is promising during the coming days to be able to ski on 'real' snow to log enough kilometers before the coming 'Kaukopartio'- and Finlandia ski events.

Now when we are getting closer to take off to Kathmandu and the Tibetan base camp (BC) we will elaborate more on how each area of the expedition is planned to be taken care of. Stay tuned.