Yeti, in other words the snowman, is a hypotetic creature that is said to roam in the Himalayas. He is said to be hairy and similar to primate, e.g. gorilla.

There is no real evidence of the existence of Jeti even though every now and then there are rumours of new sightings. Some strange footprints have been found and inspected. The conclusion has been that they do belong to either an unknown primate or unknown species of bear. They can also be a hoax made by specific shoes of a crook. Some excrement, impossible to analyse, has also been found.

In 1889 a British Colonel-cum-explorer Waddel found strange footprints in the slopes of Himalayas. His porters told that they belong to the hairy wild beast called Yeti.

This is how "Yeti" was born and the print media was very exited. Waddel, however, doubted the story. Number of expeditions were organised to find the Yeti by famous like Lord Hunt and Sir Edmund Hillary. Still, Yeti remains a mystery...

Later on an American billionaire Tom Slick funded one more expedition which also failed. Over the years there were some findings like handprints, fur and scalps which origins are not known.

In 1961 Hillary found a scull which was identified as a goat scull. Another scull was from ape. Even after these backlashes these expeditions will not stop since myths have always been difficult to kill.

The snowman is called Yeti. Western name Yeti also indicates to chinese wild man and Pendek-man. These are similar legends about primates living in remote corners of Asia.