Airborne Ranger Club of Finland

The Airborne Ranger Club of Finland was founded 1964 to connect the Finnish Ranger unit and the Finnish airborne rangers (men that have served their military service in the Ranger unit). Since then the club has supported it's memebers to maintain the brisk way of living and preserve the real ranger spirit.

In 1980 the Finnish Chief of Staff attested the ErP 4, the reconnaissance battalion of the general headquarters during World war 2, to be the tradition detachment of the Paratrooper Company. It is an honour to the Airborne Ranger Club of Finland to foster the work and tradition of the men who served in the ErP 4.

The members of the club are joined by love for adventure, search for own limits and red beret.

The club arranges also activities for non-members

The Airborne ranger Club of Finland has arranged activities for non-memebers already for years. The club will share it's experience and knowledge from the areas of wilderness and glacier travel as well as arctic expeditions where it is a forerunner in Finland.

Glacier travel course

The annual glacier travel course is the best known training activity that is targeted also for non-members.