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24.2.2008 Finlandia-ski event and ice climbing

Careful, careful
We all did it
From here to the top
The expedition gathered in Lahti for the weekend. Half of the expedition participated in the Finlandia ski event, that was 50km this year. The expedition leader Tomi showed the example and came to the finish just behind the best skiers in time 02:29:46. The rest finished tired but happy more than half an hour later.

The other half of the expedition was led by Antti to the local ice fall. Even though the winter has been really warm we were able to find few nice ice pillars and we spend the day there. After couple of hours of climbing we headed to a nearby fields for a brisk walk with our backpacks.

Fine winter day was crowned by a session of stair climbing with the backpacks in the hill jump stairs of Lahti. Finally it was a time to gather together for a lunch in Hotelli Salpaus. The weekend continued with a marathon expedition meeting until sunday evening.