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4.4.2009 Fly's normipäivä

Boys on the road
Dear diary, Lobuche 4920 m. In the morning, when the sun gave the first rays on the ground of Periche vallay, we were again starting our day routines. In other words this means walking towards Base Camp. My eyes got a fly which tried to walk up cold and gray stone. I stepped just beside the fly and it was so tiny compared to my number 45 boot. At the same time I realised the huge giants around me. What, I was just in front of great mountains and definitely smaller than that tony fly! NORMIPAIVA (The very normal day) The expedition moved 700 vertical meters up to Lobuche village. The village is between amazing mountains but the scene otherwise is very rough. our shoes touched mainly stones, dried grass and ice as we walked up. Here in Lobuche there are only six small Lodge, five horses, 15 habitants and a few birds and nothing else. We are looking forward for tomorrow's walk. A huge thanks for those all who have sent mail and questions to us. The one of our most important moments every day is a dinner because that time we read all messages from Finland and around the world. This is and for sure remains as the only moment when we have the total silence... of course one of us is reading. All well in the expedition! Best regards to our friends, families and loved ones!