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1.12.2007 Hockey night in Myllykoski

Very short break
The common training of the weekend and expedition meeting were held in Myllykoski, known mostly for paper mill and the soccer field where MyPa plays. It was raining in Helsinki but in Myllykoski it was almost winter. It was a time to find the skates and go to local ice hall. The local staff gave the warm up and then the team was divided into two for the game of ice hockey. Both teams had good goalies - Arto?s sons volunteered to do the job. Other team had also J-P?s son in their ranks. If in a normal game player gets a change to be in the ice around 10-15 minutes we didn?t have that chance but had to play all the way through till the end of the 1.5h ice time. We all agreed that ice hockey is a nice exercise also for climbing due to the physical exertion and team work that is needed.